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How to contact us: 
Contact us on : 01284 388923 - however email is the best way to get hold of us

Amateur Showing Society
P.O Box 571
Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk  IP33 9BD

Email : amateurshowingsociety@hotmail.co.uk

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The Amateur Showing Society is an exciting new showing venture aimed completely at amateur horse owners to encourage them into the show ring.

The idea was put together as we realised that many people were put off from competing in the show ring because of the element of competition from professional producers.

Many amateur horse owners invest a lot of time energy and money into their horses, and feel that they do not receive the recognition they deserve in the show ring. This new society will give people the opportunity to qualify and compete at a national championship show on a level playing field.

The aim is for local shows to hold qualifiers in all classes including in- hand, ridden, and working hunters. Members who are placed 1st—3rd will qualify for the national championships. These championships will be a fantastic event, giving amateurs the chance of staying overnight with their horses and ponies. There will be evening performances, lots of great prizes to be won, and above all a wonderful championship atmosphere focusing on good sportsmanship and a level playing field.

A simple guide to how it works:

If you qualify at a show which is holding qualifiers, if you are a member get your qualification card signed by the judge.

If you are not a member of the A.S.S. you will be given a qualification ticket, keep this safe, you now have 28 days to become a member to keep the qualification. Send in membership forms for your horse and who ever competes him. Also send in your qualification ticket. This will be transferred onto a qualification card and returned to you.

How to become a member:

First check the rules on the website to make sure you and your horse eligible to become members. Complete the horse membership form and enclose 3 photographs of your horse, one side from each side and one head on. Complete a rider/handler form for whoever competes the horse. Return all forms to the office along with any qualification tickets. Membership forms can be found on the website here.

What next?:

Your membership will be processed by the office, you will be sent membership cards and a qualification card. Keep all of this safe.

How much does it cost?:

£15 per year per person, and £10 per year per horse. There are discounts for renewing membership early.

How long does membership last?:

It lasts for a year from when you join. Please note we do not send out reminders to renew memberships, but we do offer a discount if you renew your current membership 2 weeks before it expires. Renewal forms can be found on the website here.

Who needs to be members?:

The horse/pony plus whoever is going to compete at the championships. If doing lead rein classes just the jockey needs to be a member, not the leader.


The qualification for the championships is for the horse, any rider or handler can compete that horse at the champs as long as they are members. You do not need to be a member to enter a qualifier class at your local show.

If you qualify in a ridden class, then you can enter any ridden class at the championship, the same for in hand, working hunters and the fun classes.


We hold two championships each year details can be found on their relevent pages on the web site.

Where are the qualifier shows?:

These are being arranged around the country and will appear on the web site. Also at the summer championships there are some classes in the morning to give people a chance to qualify for the rest of the show. If there are no qualifiers in your area, just get some show secretaries to get in touch with us and we will arrange qualifiers for you.

Championship show schedule & entries:

Schedules can be downloaded from the web site or send in a large SAE requesting schedules. Send in your completed qualifier cards with entries.